About Us

We are a legal analytics and artificial intelligence company. We work with lawyers in private practices, in-house counsels in enterprises and government legal officers to uncover new insights from legal data.

We work with analytics firms and other legal technology solutions providers to provide our customers with tools and platforms to make the lawyering process more efficient in the analytical aspects. Our primary aim is to help our clients generate legal insights through legal data mining.

We are based in Singapore and plan to expand our operations across the English-speaking common law jurisdictions initially and eventually to cover other non-English speaking civil law countries.

LexFrontier is one of our group’s digital brands that includes CyLexic, IntellectualFutures and PEbAAL (Performance-based Experiential Adaptive & Agile Learning).


Our Founder

Admitted to practise in Singapore and England & Wales, Zaid Hamzah is a technology innovation lawyer, intellectual property strategist and author who specializes in ICT transactions, cybersecurity, legal analytics and strategic intellectual capital management. Author of 9 books covering e-security, ICT law and innovation, intellectual property and private equity and venture capital financing, 57 year old Zaid has over 30 years of professional experience covering, among others, lawyering, strategic IP management and technology commercialization, investment advisory and government service. More about Zaid Hamzah here.